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Aleksander Dumała

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Gestures create illusions. MAGIC is born in the mind.

Aleksander Dumała is a professional magician with many years of experience. Performing on stage for the last 15 years, he's a graduate of the prestigious Magic&Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has served on the jury of magical competitions repeatedly, as well as he conducted the training workshops for illusionists. Currently he performs in Poland as a magician, host and a speaker with over a 100 shows a year.

You're interested in pure, pleasant fun? Or maybe you want to explore the depths of human mind? Whichever you choose, the evening will be full of smiles, laughter, magical surprises and amazing experiences. What's most important, it will be a great relief from the ordinary.

Imagine that amazing things are happening in the hands of your guests and your own. Things appear, disappear, change and multiply. You can touch everything. Your senses are awake. Illusion and Magic are performed right under your nose...

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