Stand'up Magic

Full Magic Show – can be performed in virtually any environment or setting.

A very dynamic performance that happens close to the audience who becomes an active part of the show. Repertoire is greatly varied – from the things based on pure skill, through comedy and interaction, up to using perception flaws and reading the most secret thoughts of the people brought to the stage.

The show can be performed in front of any number of people – from 10 to 1000. The whole performance is delivered with a huge dose of humour and good taste. It's light, funny, visual and makes everybody smile and have fun.

Duration: max 45 minutes (See the technical requirements)

Close'up Magic

It's the perfect choice for banquets, corporate dinners, cocktails and all the other events where you need an entertainment that really fits all the other attractions of the evening.

Everything is interactive, performed up close, at your hand's reach. Most often, the magician comes to the tables or to standing groups of people and creates a magic show for all people present for the rest of the evening.

Things disappear, appear from thin air, multiply, change places etc. The repertoire involves everyday objects as cards, coins, bank notes, ballpens or anything else that happens to be in reach. Every magic trick at least partially happens in the hands of the spectators.

Duration: 1-3 hours (See the technical requirements)


Being a Master of Ceremonies at an event doesn't have to be stiff – it can be done in a relaxed and light way, introducing a positive atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Even the most official events can be presented in an interesting way, with elegant humour and good taste!

Good MC / host always raises the bar of the event, aptly weaving together the various attractions or speeches whether it's a Awards Gala, products or brands premiere, announcing dinners or concerts or any other attractions.

Hosting and small parts of magic show can be also combined. It's an addtional attraction that creates interest and engagement and events hosted this way leave a lasting impression with your guests.

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