Magical Wedding

Magical Cherry on top of this special day.

It is increasingly popular form of entertainment during the wedding reception. While the Show entertains all the guests present, it is a great surprise for Newlywed Couple.

Magician performs some special tricks for the Newlyweds, to wish them happiness in a very magical way or to fulfil their dreams. The whole performance is light, funny and entertains all the guests.

The best time for this show is about 2hrs after the reception starts – after the first course, dances and toasts, where guests are already starting to have fun. Everybody gather on the dance floor in a half-circle and we start the show. The performance is interactive, so guests take an active role in it.

Duration: 30 minutes (See the technical requirements)


You're throwing a party that has to be really unique?

We've got a very dynamic show for you, where most of the routines and tricks happen with the active participation of your guests: it is in their hands that everything multiplies, change places, appear or disappear and it's their thoughts that are being read.

If there's a Guest of Honor at your party (e.g. person who's birthday it is) there are some special tricks for him/her that end up giving them a magical gift that brings luck.

Duration: 40 minutes (See the technical requirements)

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